What does it mean when Ice.Gov attempts to Brute Force their way in to your server?

What does it mean when Ice.Gov attempts to Brute Force their way in to your server?

A recent notification indicates an IP address assigned to the US Government 3 letter, Ice.Gov, attempted to gain unauthorized access to this websites server root account. We do not question it was an element of our rogue illegitimate government but we do question why did it happen. I have received no notices of a warrant being served either at the Data Center or to me personally. Even if they had a warrant they would not brute force the password on the live site. A copy of they hard drive would be made seemlessly when the warrant was served to avoid datta/evidence deletion.

Many of my friends and followers know I have a server and a number of websites. I have never promoted these sites any where but on FB. Reviewing email notifications from the server yesterday evening I found this 1 that stuck out. (Below is the email screenshot that got my attention, it is unaltered.)

Email Notification of ICE.Gov Assigned IP Trying To Gain Unauthorized Access Using Brute Force Password Attempts

I became curious if my eyes were deceiving me or had I actually had an unauthorized server access attempt by a #USGOV 3 letter agency. So I did a little more research and yes in fact a whois look up determined it was indeed a real, although unsuccessful, server attack on my private server in another country was made by a IP address assigned to 1 of the #USGovernments 3 letter agencies. (See Whois look up screenshot and Link below)


Whois Look Up Screenshot

Apparently my server security is good enough to keep the Government out of my servers back end/root account. It is also apparent that the company I lease my server from has no undisclosed working agreement with the US Government to access their back end without just cause and a warrant signed by a judge. If they did they would have known the password on the first attempt.

I have contacted the Gateway Pundit upon finding this and it looks as if Hoft and company does not have the courage to even contact me for more information or the screenshots, let alone publish anything about it.


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